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5 Panel Cap: a fashion choice for different people

The 5 panel cap is the variant of choice for many brands when they want to display a cool logo or any creative design on the front of the cap, as it offers a clean front, ideal for working with embroidery and printing.

In terms of caps, the panels refer to the different pieces that make up the top or the crown of the hat. The classic five panel caps are made up of triangular pieces, which converge in the center of the cap, giving it its peculiar semi-circular shape.

In Wizarkcap, however, the 5 panels up to use a much more free and creative design concept, distributing it in a more symmetrical and modern way and almost always taking advantage of the possibilities of this design to integrate flat visors and combine better colors.

The Wizarkcap caps 5 panel combine the colors of the panels to cover many styles, from the classic and versatile black hat to the super hipster red and blue variant, with a very clean closure that allows you to adapt your size without sacrificing classic elegance of this model.

They are ideal for practicing almost any outdoor activity, from shopping to walking or playing sports, or attending a gathering of friends.