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Bucket hat: a trend that returns

Actually, the Bucket Hat is back in the fashion world. As it was a trend during the 90s, we can find it today reigning the streets, with a renewed and super cool vision of the piece, as comfortable as it´s useful for walking on sunny days.

It´s a hat with a relatively wide brim with a slight downward slope that facilitates vision and protects from UV rays. The upper part is flat and is made of very flexible materials, making it also very easy to save anywhere when not in use.

Although formerly the bucket hat was a male accessory, now it´s also the favorite of many women and even the most classic designs are considered unisex.

It combines great with all streetwear and is an almost essential garment in the outfit of every millennial, and even Gen Z.

In Wizarkcap the Bucket hat could not be missing. Fans of the most iconic styles, we include alternatives for everyone: bucket hats for women, bucket hats for men, and any kind of fashion bucket hat.

With varied colors and attractive designs, we bring this piece, which went from being the fisherman bucket hat to becoming the almost required piece of young people. Take a look and choose the coolest bucket hat ever here and now! There is a designer bucket hat for every taste.