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Trucker cap: a comfortable hat for any kind of daily activity

Trucker hats, known in some regions of the United States as “gimme caps”, are a model very similar to the baseball cap, but unlike these, they have a mesh in the back to promote ventilation. The most classic ones are designed with an adaptable closure that allows a perfect adaptation to any size.

The trucker hat became famous thanks to the publicity of many oil companies, which gave truckers this garment to protect themselves from the sun and improve their vision during long road trips.

Popular culture did the rest and today the truckers cap represent a fashionable variant and there are even many trucker cap designs for women.

They can have between 5 and 7 panels, and their visor can be straight or curved. Wearing a trucker hat became fashionable, and that is why today it is an appropriate piece for all occasions, from shopping, to walking, playing sports and, of course, doing all kinds of outdoor work.

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